ITOCHU provides customers with transparent and reliable investment products and may also become a co-investor. Utilizing our company’s vast business network, we aim to become your most reliable investment partner.
As a soft support provider, ITOCHU acts as consulting and advisory partner, performing both business strategy and implementation of the development plan.
ITOCHU possess great resource for providing its partners with financial services on favourable terms.
Mobilizing ITOCHU’s vast business network and experienced human capital, we are constantly moving forward to create business synergies and develop new client solutions.
Aiming to better suit customers and generally enrich people’s lifestyle, ITOCHU handles wide range of commodities, swiftly providing customers with high quality goods and services.
Providing access to key high technologies, ITOCHU may perform the function of the technology partner.

ITOCHU is a conglomerate comprising 700 companies and 55,000 employees, with networks in every type of business.

ITOCHU has evolved and grown over about 150 years, having its beginning in the linen trading operations begun by Itoh Chubei in 1858.

The company has engaged in the domestic trading, import/export and overseas trading of various products such as textiles, machinery, information and communications-related products, metals, products related to oil and other energy sources, general merchandise, chemicals, and provisions and food. In Moscow ITOCHU operates through its representative office.

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