Tashkent office

Office contacts

Phone:(998-71) 140-05-70
Fax:(998-71) 140-05-74

About Tashkent office

Tashkent Office was established in 1996. Our activities in Uzbekistan are ranged in Textile, Automobile, Textile & Construction Machinery, Energy and Chemical business field so far. We invested in Samarkand Automobile Factory (= SAF) where Isuzu’s chassis are used to manufacture trucks and buses. We would cooperate with Isuzu and Headquarters to expand SAF business to exceed target volume got each year. As for energy business, we are now trying to increase the Uranium transaction volume by introducing new business schemes to support Uzbekistan government in cooperation with multiple departments of Headquarters. In Textile field we started to investigate possibility to pursue apparel import business in addition to raw material export from Uzbekistan.